Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig

Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig's 's album jacket, lyric pages and a special message from Ebe.

Here it is! My copy of Ebe Dancel’s debut album as a solo performer and the album I’ve been listening almost everyday for quite a while now. Another lovely product from one of this country’s great musician. This is Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig.

Literally translated as ‘Two Faces of Love’, this album probably has a lot of meanings which may change from people to people who are listening to it. This may be very meaningful to Mr. Dancel himself, very meaningful to his loyal fans and solid Sugarfree fans, and even to the listeners who discovered the genius of Ebe Dancel not long ago. 😀
To Mr. Ebe Dancel, this is another start for him. Like the lyrics of his carrier single Muli, he’s going to start another chapter of his life and his career with less lights and sounds from the fame he had in Sugarfree. The two faces of saying goodbye and saying hello.

Kung kaya ko lang.
Kung hindi pa naman huli.
Maari ba tayong magsimulang muli?
(If only I can. If it’s not too late. Can we start again?)

To the loyal and solid fans, like me, this is a very meaningful one. For me, it feels like the heavens have opened and a ray of light is directed on me after almost 4 months of thinking, ‘What if there’s still Sugarfree today?’ It is an eye-opener for me. This album told me that music is not about the band or the artist, it’s about the songs. For almost 12 years, I’ve been listening and have grown with the alternative/rock style of Sugarfree’s songs. I thought, it’s because of Sugarfree why I love Mariposa, Burnout, Telepono and `Wag Ka Nang Umiyak but it turned out that it’s the opposite way. This time, I figured out that I love Ebe Dancel because of his great work and meaningful songs. For the past 4 months, my feelings were interpreted by the chorus part of his song Maligalig. The two faces of being happy and being sad.

Pinagpapasahan ng tuwa at nakakatakot na lungkot,
Ng galit at pag-ibig
Ang kawawa kong pusong maligalig
(Somebody help me for the translation of maligalig! XD)

And lastly, for all the listeners out there. Even those who are not followers of Ebe Dancel or Sugarfree before, this album is a good one for them, too. It’s an album that can bring you back to your hearing senses. This album shows that there’s more to bass than ‘Boom-boom-booroom’ and that there’s more to songs than ‘Na-na-na-nanana~’, if you know what I mean. You can enjoy these kind of songs, too. This album is THE ALBUM. It has lovely songs with hard to neglect lyrics and melodies. For these people, the two faces of this album could be acceptance and rejection.

Here’s the track list of the album. All original songs and all in the Filipino language. That’s why it’s OPM! Hahaha! It has tracks which are fast and very alternative sounding and there are also tracks that have slow and more unique because of the blending of instruments and Ebe’s voice. One of the slowest is Lapit that runs for almost 6 minutes because of the great instrumentals. And what’s more to this album that will make you buy one for yours is that it has another disc. The other disc has the alternate versions of all the songs in disc I. Disc I was recorded with the whole band and Disc II was recorded with more emphasis to the acoustic guitars, piano and violin sounds. That’s why there’s Two Faces in the album CD’s itself. You’re teased, eh?

1. Muli
2. Isang Probinsyano sa Maynila
3. Wag Kang Mag-Alala
4. Luha
5. Maligalig
6. Paalam Kahapon
7. Hanggang sa Dulo
8. Lapit
9. Ikaw ang Aking Tahanan
10. Wag na tayong Mag-away

Ebe’s writing style and melodic arrangement I think improved. I guess because of the feelings, emotions and inspiration he’s getting withing that past months that his working on this album. The song that really got me was the 6th track of this album. They said that it is a song for Sugarfree. And upon hearing the song, I said to myself – ‘It could be. Maybe it is. It is!’ And add to that, the second disc’s version got my tears flowing out of my eyes. The lyrics sounds so sad and deeply sincere. The chorus has very simple lines and words but it works very effectively to pierce one’s heart.

Iwanan man kita
Nakaukit ka na sa puso ko.
Malilimot ba kita kung
Nakaukit ka na sa puo ko?
(Even if I leave you, you’re in my heart.How can I forget you, if you’re already etched in my heart?)

Why don’t you listen to it? Play the audio clip below.

The part that made gives me the chills every time I listen to this song is that part goes,
‘Alaala mo’y ikakahon ngunit kailanma’y hindi kayang itapon.’

What do you think? Grab your own copy of the CD and listen to it well. And of course, let’s patiently wait for more song promotions and upcoming albums from the Ebe Dancel.


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